Water Softeners

Do you have problems with limescale build up or need to use a lot of detergent?

Water softener salt deliveries in the Boston area. Don't struggle with heavy salt bags - let us deliver it to your doorstep. We can deliver all makes and types of water softener salt from granulated, blocks and tablets. From one bag to as many as you would like.

"Hard Water" as it is more commonly known, is common across slightly more than half of the UK and if you have come from an area with soft water, it can be a difficult thing to get used too.

Installing a water softener can pay for itself within 2-4 years and will reduce mineral deposits in your sinks, bath and shower enclosure.

Your usage of detergents, washing powders and shampoos can also be reduced by up to 50%.

We Build Bespoke Handcrafted Cabinets

S Norris Plumbing & Heating are one of a few water softener specialists in Lincolnshire. We provide installation, maintenance and repair of softeners anywhere, we build handcrafted cabinets to clients specifications anywhere (internal or external).

We also provide a range of salts for water softeners including: tablet, granulated and block aswell as free delivery in the Boston area (Fuel charge applies outside of Boston). All of our installations come with one free bag of salt and a scoop.

If your softener needs to be removed for repair, S Norris Plumbing & Heating will supply a back up softener for the duration of the repair work.

Contact us at S Norris Plumbing & Heating today to discuss the benefits of installing a water softener.

  • Provide advice on water softeners
  • Provide a free quotation
  • Supply and install
  • Provide and fit storage sheds for outside installations
  • Service and maintain water softeners
  • External Water Softeners
  • Supply and deliver salt for water softeners

We keep all types of water softener Spares even for machines which are getting on for 20 years old.

Water Softeners Water Softeners